What are the different types of depression?

learn about types of depression with raj psychological services mala vohara. A man is depress and thinking about his paid and problems

Life is a rollercoaster ride, and everyone has their low days every once in a while. Still, if your bad days are outnumbering your good ones, you might be in clinical depression, But fret not; with a vast amount of research on depression treatment, there are several antidepressants, counselling styles and lifestyle changes that you can … Read more

How to overcome extramarital affairs: A Psychologist guide

extramarital affair in husband and wife

Extramarital affairs are increasing everywhere. And in India, it is widespread, particularly in metropolitan urban communities. Because of current culture, films, television serials, media have increased everyone’s expectation about relationships.  Some basic facts about extra marital affairs: Extramarital is a type of affair, where married couple spend time (more closely) with others man or women. … Read more

How harmful internet is: Internet Safety guide for children

cyberbullying internet safety for children

This question occurs because the world is changing every day. Every generation in our society has different challenges based on the other things they come across. It is also possible that challenges today’s kids are facing are rapidly different faced by any generation which has come before them. Today’s most common question is, is the … Read more

Why We Need More Suicide Prevention Awareness?

It was 14th of June and the Newspapers and Channels were rife when it came to superstar Mr. Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic death by suicide. All over the channels and news reports, the coverage was live 24*7. The coverage defied all rules of reporting over a suicide, and worst still there were no rules laid … Read more

How Suicide is Contagious

SUICIDE Suicide means ending your own life. It is sometimes how people to flee pain or suffering. When someone ends their own life, we say that they “died by suicide.” A “suicide attempt” means that someone tried to end their life, but did not die. SUICIDE IS CONTAGIOUS To explore the consequences suicide can wear … Read more

Effects of COVID-19 on Children’s Learning Process

What is COVID-19? A Boon or Bane The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is the crucial global health crisis of our time and theextreme challenge we have faced since World War II. Since its appearance in Asia late last yeari.e. 2019, this virus has spread to every area except Antarctica Traditional education We all agree that going … Read more

Why should I visit a psychologist?

Once a friend suggested ‘Anamika’ to visit a psychologist. Anamika got offended stating that she is ‘Normal’ and doesn’t need anyone to tell her what she needs to do, She claimed, “I completely understand what is good for me and what is not.” Her friend replied, “Yes! I know you are right. You know what … Read more