Effects of COVID-19 on Children’s Learning Process

What is COVID-19? A Boon or Bane

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is the crucial global health crisis of our time and the
extreme challenge we have faced since World War II. Since its appearance in Asia late last year
i.e. 2019, this virus has spread to every area except Antarctica

Traditional education

We all agree that going to school is the best public policy tool available to raise skills. Although
school time can be fun and can increase social skills, social awareness and if we talk about the
primary school point of view being in school is that it increases a child’s ability.

Effects of Lockdown

The nationwide lockdown that was imposed, in hopes to control the virus, resulted in schools and
colleges being closed across India affecting all the students

During COVID-19 disturbed academic year, educational institutions are coming up with better
methods, although as complementary to traditional classroom education. Caught in the twister,
the Indian education system is shifting the pattern towards online education it can be known as
BOON for Education as the new Technology introduced in the education sector and we are making
ourselves stronger for new hurdles.

One more example of BOON: It is also possible that some students’ careers might benefit from
the interruptions. Such as, the students who are preparing for NEET i.e. entrance exam of
Medical get benefited as they got an extra time of more than 4 months for their exam

Effect on Students’ Assessment

The closure of schools, colleges, and universities not only interrupts the teaching for students
around the world; the closure also agrees with a key assessment period and many exams have
been postponed or canceled.

Internal assessments are perhaps thought to be smaller and lots of are simply canceled. But their
point is to offer information about the child’s progress for families and teachers. The loss of this
information delays the popularity of both high potential and learning difficulties and may have
harmful long-term consequences for the kid.

Effect on Graduates

The careers of this year’s university graduates could also be severely suffering from the COVID19 pandemic. They have experienced major teaching interruptions within the ultimate a
neighborhood of their studies, they’re experiencing major interruptions in their assessments, and
eventually they’re likely to graduate at the beginning of a major global recession. Evidence
suggests that poor market conditions at labour market entry cause workers to simply accept
lower paid jobs, which this has permanent effects for the careers of some.

Huge demand rising in Online Learning

The orders of ‘Stay Home’ and social distancing have spared no one. Students have been caged at
their homes since Lockdown 1.0. India has the most important population within the world
within the age group of 4-23 years which presents huge prospects within the education sector.
Most of the businesses, schools, and institutions have come up with online essentials as their
primary mode of teaching. The teachers and instructors are gradually organizing online webinars
and meetings. Educational universities and institutions like Amity International Group, DIT
University, Dehradun, and lots of others have shown tremendous leads to online teaching
methodology. The institutions are promoting the concept of online classrooms and the resources
are being provided to all the students digitally.

Rise of Online Education

The lockdown crisis has forced us to adopt online learning mode with none preparations. The
educators and students are choked with the basics like internet connectivity and unpredicted
power cuts. Also, the educators are under tremendous stress in solving structural issues like
teaching methods and deliverables. The new learning system has also resulted in increased
working hours for the educators, inviting more pressure. Many students also try to skip classes,
as the teachers are not able to ensure 100% attendance. Many parents don’t have a spare
computer or laptop receptions, as they themselves are busy performing from home. This forces
the scholars to struggle with attending the classes over smartphones.

What is the Solution?

  1. Plan a students’/ children’s routine together
  2. Have open conversations
  3. Take your time
  4. Protect children online
  5. Stay in-tuned together with your children’s education facility
“Online Education is Like a Rising Tide, It’s Going to Boost all The Boats”

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