Why should I visit a psychologist?

Once a friend suggested ‘Anamika’ to visit a psychologist. Anamika got offended stating that she is ‘Normal’ and doesn’t need anyone to tell her what she needs to do, She claimed, “I completely understand what is good for me and what is not.”

Her friend replied, “Yes! I know you are right. You know what is good for you. I know that you are so intelligent but I have recently observed that you are not being able to give your best to the job.” Her friend explained to her that she was not recommending Anamika a visit to the psychologist because she thinks that Anamika is mentally ill but because she thinks that working on certain aspects can improve Anamika’s quality of life.

Anamika’s friend said, “I don’t want you to just be happy. I want to see you grow and change to attain success.”

This led Anamika to realize that visiting the psychologist is not only meant for those labeled ‘mad’ by the society. With the help of her friend, she realized that seeking help of a psychologist is really about discovering the discrepancies between what one is doing and what he or she should actually do in a given situation.

Anamika’s friend shared several reasons why people should consult a psychologist, including:

  1. When they feel that they are working hard but not producing satisfactory results.
  2. When they keep delaying or procrastinating and find it difficult to finish the work on time.
  3. When they feel angry or displeasure over little things which may lead to feeling guilty later.
  4. When intrusive thoughts keep interfering with their daily routine activities.
  5. When they feel helpless and hopeless and are about to give up.
  6. When they get tired very easily, even when they are taking baby steps and doing the bare minimum.

As she listened to her friend quietly, Anamika kept nodding her and realized that she may actually need a psychologist’s help to sort out her problems and achieve her goals. Yet, she was afraid to seek a consultation with a psychologist because of the age-old fear of ‘What will people think about me if they come to know where I was going?’

Thankfully, Anamika had a good friend to talk to. When she voiced her concern, her friend said, “What matters more – your health or other people’s opinion? If you slack on your work, people will still criticize you. But if you have a few sessions with the psychologist, you will be able to use your abilities to the fullest, give better output at work, and have a better quality of life.”

Health is not only about lack of disease. It is also about giving your best.

Anamika understood her friend, overcame the fear of ‘stigma’ of seeking a psychologist’s help, and started working towards realizing her potential to the fullest. You can do it too. Seek help now!

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